ukFrom old village grocery store to Maasland’s museum

Halfway between Hoek van Holland and Rotterdam, in the center of the village of Maasland, there used to be a store, known to everybody in the area. The store closed its doors in 1980. In order to preserve this characteristic store a foundation was set up called 'De Schilpen'. This name refers to the shell (Dutch: schelpen) covered little square in front of the store. In 1985 this historic building (national monument) was converted into the Maasland's Museum. The shop's interior, in which a wide variety of items, inclusive of groceries, were sold, is still largely in its original state.

Museum De Schilpen offers:

Historic shop

De Schilpen is not only a museum, but the shop is still open, selling sweets and stuff from grandmother's time. Volunteers are happy to explain everything and assist with purchases. In the book corner one will find books, brochures and flyers with maps and information about the village and the area.

Permanent exhibitons

  • The attic of the main house with a servant's room as it has looked like aroung 1900;
  • The 'Maasland room' in which various facets of Maasland from the iron age till today are protrayed;
  • Cellar with tools for the production of dairy (like cheese and butter);
  • The warehouse attic with a large collection of agricultural and other tools;
  • The attic of the main house with a servant's room as it has looked like around 1900.

Changing exhibitions

  • Main attic: varying clothing exhibition
  • Yearly changing exhibition in the Tavenu building, usually covering historical subjects relative to Maasland and its surroundings (from May till September).

Video presentation

In the former storehouse an audio/video presentation provides information about how the museum started, the floor plan and the activities. There's also an antique bar where visitors can have a coffee.

Walking and bicycle routes

Starting from De Schilpen one can take interesting walking and cycling tours through the village and its surrounding country side to discover historic landmarks.


De Schilpen is operated and managed by volunteers only. Thanks to their dedicated efforts important activities like cleaning, maintenance, renovation, shop sales, guided tours, set up of exhibitions, workshops etc. are taken care of.

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Museum De Schilpen is een officieel geregistreerd museum

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Museum De Schilpen
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Tel. 010 – 591 33 34
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